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Barrier-Free Showers...

                  Accessible & Stylish

The 'Aging-In- Place' Phenomenon

What is an accessible shower?

'Accessible' Showers is a user friendly design element that works for everyone of all ages.  

A shower that is designed for bathers with mobility restraints, to is easy to enter and exit the shower. 


Barrier-Free showers are the most practical addition to any home. These easy accessible, open concept showers are designed to fit any size bathroom. Due to their stylish yet simple design, the barrier-free shower is growing in popularity and demand because of it's accessibility it has to offer. When the barriers (such as curbs and thresholds) are removed, it gives the space a seamless, minimalistic look through the entire bathroom with a contemporary feel. 

Let's kick off your next project so that you can stay at home for a lifetime with no barriers...

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